Music has always been a part of Hanson's journey, from impersonating Michael Jackson in the playground as a child, through to playing keyboard, bass, and singing in worship bands from the age of 14. Hanson is predominantly self-taught on all instruments.

In 2008 Hanson put some money together and independently released his first single in the secular arena called 'Shopping Spree', followed by a number of other R&B helpings. Hanson states 'I was still in church but Christ wasn't in me'. Following a brief gap with the Metropolitan Police Service and an unfortunate exit, it was then that faced with the challenges that these brought, Hanson's faith began to arise to the fore, and with it a change in musical direction. His style has been compared to Jonathan McReynolds, and he has been cited as the Jonathan Butler of the UK.

Hanson is currently worship leader at My Church London. 

'The intensity of what I do musically is more driven by revelation and purpose than anything else. I didn't choose this path, I discovered it. I never grew up listening to the types of music that I do today. It's just in me!'

"...his natural ability and songcraft shines through..."

                                                             - Rob Allwright[One Man In The Middle]