Some years ago I began to have a deeper dream life and was having dreams that I couldn’t get to the bottom of. Albeit a secondary means of communication, I knew that God was highlighting things to me through my dreams which required investigation. I began to search them out, and it was at this point that I stumbled upon the problem that this book aims to bring solution to.



  • I spoke to people, including church leaders, about my dreams but they either brushed them off, were unable to offer me any insight, or point me in the right direction
  • Those who could offer some interpretation, were unable to ‘show me their workings out’, so that I could learn to interpret for myself. Teach me how to fish, don’t just give me the fish
  • There were a lot of dodgy and ungodly dream interpretation websites and resources online that centred around ‘the universe’, and other new-age practices
  • I came across some Christian material and dream dictionaries. Although the dream dictionaries were helpful, they could only tell me that a dream symbol COULD mean one thing or another. I needed absolutes or a way of knowing what the dream pointed to, not only that something could mean a number of things
  • There were no guiding principles, systems, or a framework to use as an aid


It was then that God took me on a journey of discovery and study, based on the work of John Paul Jackson and Amy Coello. This book will give you tools and a framework for approaching dream interpretation beyond merely symbols. You will learn;


  • Why you need to title your dreams
  • How to know the focus and sub-focus in a dream
  • Why you might not remember your dreams
  • The Purpose of dreams


Happy dreaming!

30 Secrets to Interpreting Your Dreams