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If you have been releasing music without much success, or are thinking of putting out your first hit song as an independent artist, then this Artist Music Release Journal & Planner is for you!


With an estimated 40,000 new music releases - a day! - in 2019, the music industry can be a big mountain to conquer, and your talent does not necessarily mean success. Everything starts with a plan. This journal and planner will guide you through the various stages you will need to consider using the "5 M's model", as coined by Hanson Asiedu (Message, Music, Mix, Master, Marketing).


Keep this journal by your bed and pen down all your ideas; keep it with you by the laptop as you research; take it with you to your studio sessions and make notes about those all-important decisions and dates. This is your handy and helpful guide on your journey as an independent artist. They say 'it all starts and ends with a song', but that song needs legs in order to reach the ears of your audience. What most independent artists lack as far as releasing music is structure, and this journal will provide that, hand in hand with your online search engine research.

Artist Music Release Journal & Planner Hardcover

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